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Adria L. Hanson,

Professional Artist of Portraits, Landscapes and Still-life

Above: A Young Woman's Existence. Oil on canvas. 5x3' $2,000

Contact information:


Phone: 1 (253) 884-0777

Adria's Private Studio

located in Gig Harbor, Washington.



October 22, 2005....


6 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.

      Above: Sooner Still-life

      Private Art Classes

      Always available.

    Welcome to

    The Studio Gallery

    Mrs. Adria L. Hanson is an accomplished and award winning artist. Born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida in 1975 to a Rock & Roll Musician and a Beautician who was also an artist, she was influenced by music and art consistantly. Traveling to Europe at 14, she had an early experience with the great masters and their masterpieces in Paris and London.

    Deciding to switch majors in college (Art), she moved to Oklahoma in 1998 to study Archaeology and Native American History. Nevertheless, she attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2002 (painting) and co-owned and curated a Fine Art gallery in Kansas while painting portraits, murals and still-lifes for businesses and private patrons.

    Mrs. Hanson now resides in Washington state and is currently holding private art lessons, exhibiting in galleries, portrait painting, and will be the new art teacher at a local private school.

    As you purview this site, you will see several portraits as well as landscapes and tile paintings (coming soon).

    Please take your time, and if you have any questions or comments please contact or (253) 884-0777


    Private Lessons for children and adults

    $30 an hour for adults. $20 for children

    • oil and acrylic painting
    • oil and acrylic portraiture
    • beginning drawing
    • acrylic still-life

    Price List for Portraits


    Page One........................................... Figurative Paintings

    Page Two................................ Landscapes and City Scapes

    Page Three................................Interior Scenes

    Page Four.......................................... Still-Life

    Page Five.................................................Work in Progress

    Page Six......................................................Murals

    Florence Fountain. oil on canvas. (see "landscapes / cityscapes" for more information.)

    Artist Statement & Bio

    Born: Fort Walton Beach, Florida. August 15, 1975

    College Education: Fort Hays State University (Kansas) 1998, & the University of Oklahoma (Norman) 2002 BFA

    Archaeological Studies: Israel, Egypt, Jordan. 1998

    Artistic Studies: England, France, Italy, Virgin Islands. 2001-2002

    Current Residence: Gig Harbor, Washington

    Business Ventures: Co-owned an art gallery for 2 years in Kansas. 2002-2004.

    Art Education Experience: 2001-2005 Teaching adults and children to draw and paint.

    I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art in the middle of the "Bible Belt." Norman, Oklahoma. It was here that I was given the opportunity to respond to influences of faith, culture, and art for use with my own artistic expressions. Being a member of the Choctaw Tribe certainly was advantageous in Oklahoma because I was able to receive funding for each college semester. So under the professorships of George Bogart and Louise Jones at the University of Oklahoma (OU), I was taught old master painting technique intermingled with contemporary American style.

    These college years were very important. They made me proud of my Native American heritage and allowed me to understand who I was as a young Christian woman, and add to that I came across a priceless opportunity to learn old master techniques in Europe.
    It was during my junior year that I was able to study in Florence, Italy for a two month summer intensive semester to study fresco, tromp l'eoil, and portraiture as well as the Italian language. This schooling greatly influences my work today.

    Between 2002 and 2004, I co-owned a contemporary and traditional art gallery in Kansas called The Studio Gallery (where the name of this website originated). It was a successful gallery due to the extent of the artist's opening receptions. The receptions were the talk of the town because they centered on entertaining the crowd by other skilled artists (musicians, culinary and artists). Currently, I am focusing on gallery exhibitions and am currently exhibited in the US, in private collections in Europe and abroad.

    The mediums I most work with are oil, acrylic, and ceramic glazing on tile. Portraits are most often painted in oil on canvas or linen. Landscapes are both oil and acrylic on canvas and as murals. Ceramic tiles are of landscapes, portraits, italian design and can be framed as separate pieces or adhered to a wall as a tile-mural. Besides traditional paintings, I am also open to your idea. Are they contemporary? Abstract? A photo you'd like to see as a painting? I am available to paint murals for homes and businesses in any style of art.

    -Adria L. Hanson

      Four contemporary Portraits

      Her Moods Are Many. Oil on canvas. 5x3' unframed. Again the many aspects of a woman intermingled in symbolism. We are innocent (like the bride in white), young, hopeful and beautiful as the woman's face and her wet lips. Blood oranges symbolize our passion and the fruit we can bare, the brightly colored pillows and hammocks represent our willingness to give comfort and hold our loved ones near our heart (our bosom), the red velvet dress is our elegance and our modesty at times and the tied red leather at the right edge of the composition is our strength to tie together the loose ends of our lives.


      A Young Woman's Exsistance. Oil on canvas. 15x22" Framed. This is the story of a young french girl and her coming of age spoken through a painted portrait of her simple city exsistance.


      Her Time for Love. oil on canvas. Episodes of memories. Her gaze, the brunch they had, the design on her skirt and the evening they spent by the ocean.


      Features of Femininity. Oil on canvas 4x5' and gallery wrapped. Began under the direction of professor Robert Bogart in 2001 and was finished in my gallery in Kansas 2003. It is a rendition of the feminine aspect of a woman, depicting hair, eyes, lips, and legs (with stiletto heels) an angel, hills and fields. There is a woman within a woman, for we are all shells of our true inner self. The blue face in the top right is neither male nor female though it looks like a man (yet the model was a woman) and represents both the protective father and caring mother....the Lord, in other words.


    Posters and Prints available framed or unframed.

    Demonstrations, lectures and workshops are also available.

    Call for more information 253-884-0777

    This site is dedicated to The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and my loving husband, Derek.

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